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1. You Can start shopping by first clicking on the type of category you want to choose.

2. Once you have like a product click on it to view more details like description, prices etc. You have even an option to enlarge the image of the product to view its details.

3. Once you like a product you can click on the ‘Add to cart’ . The add to cart button leads to another page showing the item in your cart. Here you will be able to add, delete the products in your shopping cart. After which you can either continue shopping and adding more products to the cart or in case you have finished shopping and added all the products you wish to add click on Check Out.

4. Check Out - You will be asked to login by using your username and password if your are a registered member or you will be asked to register as new member. You dont have to worry about the items already in the shopping cart as they will remain in your shopping cart even after you have logged in. After login you will be taken to next step that is Shipping Method.

5. Shipping Method - Here you will be asked for billing and shipping information. After you have filled this click on Continue Checkout.

6. Payment Method - You will be asked to choose the payment method you wish to make the purchase. After you have filled this click on continue checkout

7. Review order - You will be asked to review your order with the option of editing any information you had given earlier.

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Cotton Salwar Kameez
Cotton Salwar Kameez
Cotton Salwar Kameez
Cotton Salwar Kameez
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